Sasha. My everything.

Sasha. My everything.

Paola Favatà


- Space Architect: I started my career as a researcher in the Space Field. First in Italy, Florence, at IACSA (mostly Ergonomics in Space, for ISA); after in US, California, Moffett Field, at NASA (Mars Return Sample Handling and other Researches in Ergonomics in Pressurized Habitable Modules); I published several Technical Papers, contributed in the first Official Space Architecture Book; Conferences, and Exhibitions on the topic between Europe and US.

- Italian Architect: I worked in Architectural Firms in California, Bay Area (Main Typologies developed: Residential. From Single Family House to Multi-Family House and Senior-Living. Plus: School Architecture and Commercial Architecture).

- Mixed Media Artist and Studio Jeweler: I opened a Studio - Lab in San Carlos, where I practiced my art skills and started a career as an Artist. I also started participating in Boutique Shows, Gallery Exhibitions, and some Museum Exhibitions between San Francisco and the Bay Area.

- Art Curator and Artist: I opened an Art Gallery in Santa Cruz called PF Atelier, with a space dedicated to my Studio Jewelry Production. Here I worked also as an Art Curator for the monthly exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, and studio-jewelry of other artists, local and not, which showed their artworks along with mines. 

- Dogs Lover, Human Being, and Universe Citizen: that's me. My doggies changed my life, and showed me what love is. I learned I have all the qualities of a human being, not less, not more. And I like to remember the real proportions between me and the magnitude of the environment I am in.

I will humbly and enthusiastically welcome the encouragement and the support of anybody will believe in me and this project.