I know, it's First Friday!

Hello people!  I know, it's First Friday and the Studio it's closed...Sometimes life presents its own obstacles to delay the walkthrough..but we are walking, slowly but surely.

We ask you a tiny bit of patience.. we are getting there.

A few minutes more and we are ready with the business cards.. finally.. in spite of the spikes of the kidney stone..

See you nex week, if you want to pass by to say hi :)


1st post

Hello everybody! It's Saturday, I'm happy my website is finally starting to take shape, and I am starting having idea both for my jewelry and for my paintings: YAY!!

I would like to thank all friends that showed me support yesterday, after my first post in Facebook about this new studio: tank you to everybody my dears!! It means a lot to me!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, enjoy your free time, if you have it! or enjoy your job, if you have it! or enjoy your time under this sky :) 

La vita è bella!