Preparing for the 'Winter Art Market' at the Tannery Art Center, Santa Cruz, this Saturday and Sunday!!

This Saturday and Sunday, from 11 to 5, pass by at my Studio 123 at the Tannery (the one just in front of the Colligan Theater).

I will be demonstrating how to make small pieces of jewelry.

If you like, you can stamp your name, or something funny, or romantic, personalize the jewel, and we can make together a unique piece with your favorite gemstone!

Pass by Studio 123! I’ll be there having fun with silver, letters, and gemstones!


Working on my first “Art 5150 Pendant”

Tough day today….I admit I may have lost it for a while….I got a new machine and I was so happy, but it arrived in bits and pieces to be assembled…without instructions 😳…and who am I…the reader of the magic ball? How am I going to mount it? So I lost the patience….

Luckily on the other side of the phone there was a very kind and patient girl who I know from years. Anyway, we are going to sort it out I’m sure. But it’s annoying to say the least.

I put Bach, I calmly started working, and everything went back in place, and I felt happy 😊

Now I’m finally working on this piece that I really like, and I hope it will come out as I have it in my mind. I’ll post it for you next time.

Enjoy this beautiful evening people, and listen to some dreamy music 🎶